Seeds for Kids!

Promotion Sunday | August 27

Sunday August 27 we'll be promoting the kids in Sunday School by their 2023-24 school grade. Some kids will go to the next class, while others will continue to stay in the class they're already in.
Please complete the form below to help us confirm which grade your child will be in for this upcoming school year. If your child isn't going to school yet, please let us know what their current age is.

New 5th/6th Grade Transition Sunday School Class

If your child is going into 5th/6th grade, there is a new Transition Sunday school class being launched. The goal of this class is to help bridge the gap between Sunday school and Worship service, with age appropriate sermon style teaching. It will be led by our Junior High Pastor, Dan Keng.
More information will be provided to parents via email. If you are not yet receiving weekly Sunday school emails and would like to, please email Kristin Wong at
But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,
for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 19:14
If your child is new to Seeds for Kids! Ministry, please complete and return this Registration form in-person or via email to

Check-In & Check-Out

Upon Check-In, parents will write their child's name (if it is not already on our roster), sign their own name, write the time, and their phone number in case of emergency.
Sunday School concludes at 11:20 am, and parents will be required to check-out their child from Sunday school by signing their own name when picking up their child.

Seeds (Ages 0 - 3)

Children age 0 to 3 are warmly welcome to our Seeds class! If your child is still 3 at the beginning of the school year (September), they will remain in this class. We have a loving and trained staff who will nurture and care for your child so that you can enjoy the Worship Gathering with peace of mind and heart.
Children will enjoy a weekly program of praise and worship songs, prayer, Scripture reading and lessons, and other guided play and activities.
Upon check-in, parents will be asked to provide:
  • A diaper bag with necessary supplies to keep your child comfortable (i.e. spare diapers, security blanket/toy, sippy cup, bottle, favorite snack, etc.)
  • Instructions for special needs, care or diet.
Upon conclusion of the worship gathering, parents will be required to check-out their child from the Seeds Class.

Sprouts (Preschool - 1st Grade)

Children enrolled in Preschool to 1st Grade are  welcome to our Sprouts Class! With our energetic and fun staff of teachers, we’re going to have a joyful time of praise and worship, learning about God from His Word, growing closer to Him, and many other fun and interactive activities. We encourage you to bring your bring your own Bibles as we learn from God's Word together.
Upon conclusion of the Worship Gathering, parents will be required to check-out their child from the Sprouts Class.

Saplings (Grades 2-5)

Elementary 2nd - 5th grade students are welcome to our Saplings class! In this world, there is nothing more awesome than Jesus and loving Him, trusting Him, worshiping Him, and following Him!  Each week you will encounter a joyful time of worship, a meaningful Bible lesson that can change your life, and tons of fun!  We encourage you to bring your bring your own Bibles as we learn from God's Word together.
Upon conclusion of the Worship Gathering, parents will be required to check-out their child from the Saplings Class.

Registration Form

One form per child

Return completed form to
or in-person, to a Sunday school teacher

Seeds of Kids! FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When may I check-in my child?

You may check-in your child starting at 9:50 am (10 minutes early).

Will my child need a snack or a drink?

At this time, we will not be having a snack time during Sunday school due to guidelines preventing us from serving our own food in Almansor Court. The exception is if a baby needs to be fed at a certain time, given instruction by the parents, and their food/bottle packed for them.

What should my child bring to class?

Kinder and Elementary students should be in the habit of bringing a Bible. If children do not have a Bible, one will be given to them. 

How will I find my child's class?

Sunday school volunteers at the check-in table will be able to direct you to your child's class, where you may walk them in.

What will my child be learning?

Children will be learning from God-centered and Biblical curriculum through The Gospel Project for Kids.

What is the teacher to student ratio?

We will do our best to observe the following ratios:
Seeds - 1:3 teacher to student ratio
Sprouts - 1:4 teacher to student ratio
Saplings - 1:4 teacher to student ratio